Here's Why Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire Needed Big Roles in Spider-Man: No Way Home

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There is little doubt that seeing Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in action was one of the best things about Spider-Man: No Way Home. After all, Peter-Two and Peter-Three were a huge help to Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel. However, it was initially suggested that the Peters would only have a small cameo in the movie. Luckily, writer Erik Sommers pointed out that it was important that Maguire and Garfield played a significant role in the film.

Sommers, who co-wrote the No Way Home screenplay with Chris McKee, recently spoke to Gold Derby about working on the MCU sequel. Not surprisingly, the writer stated that they would never settle for cameos when they learned Garfield and Maguire are joining the movie.

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"I think we knew right away that if we're gonna do this, it can't just feel like these cameos we're doing for cameos sake" Sommers said. "The biggest reaction can't just be, 'I can't believe they got those guys,' or something like that. We need to treat them like the characters that they are, we need to honor them, we need to honor the movies they were in. We need to give them some sort of emotional journey, they can't just come and just show up for this cameo and then disappear. We had to write up to them as characters, and that was always the goal. The challenge was: how are we going to do that?"

He continued by explaining that Tom Holland's character will always be the star of the film.

"Of course, the focus has to be our Spider-Man," Sommers continued. "This is his journey, his story, and things have to be in service to that. They can't contradict it or pull from it, but at the same time, we want to give them something that is meaningful, and that was the real challenge."

He went on to praise the No Way Home director for what he did for the film.

"Jon Watts deserves a lot of credit for watching that ball in particular," Sommers stated. "In a lot of our conversations, he was really intent on making sure that both of the Spider-Mans that come and join the movie have their own journey. We all wanted to feel like, when Tobey and Andrew go back to where they came from, they will have learned something and grown. They will not be the same, their lives will not be the same because of what happened during this movie, just as our Peter will not be the same."

It's a relief to know that the writers made sure Garfield and Maguire were always meant to play important roles in the film. With that in mind, it makes watching the movie even more enjoyable.


Spider-Man: No Way Home is still screening in theaters.

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