Analyst Predicts Pokemon Go Rise May Take a Very Popular Company For The Ride

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Nintendo is not the only company that's currently enjoying the high of its latest mobile money-maker Pokemon Go. While a small smartphone accessory manufacturer has already seen a slight rise in stocks to meet the smartphone battery-drain demand, another bigger company is predicted to make the most out of the Pokemon Go craze.

From the looks of it, tech giant Apple will stand to gain quite a handful over the next two years thanks to Pokemon Go. According to Marketwatch, one Needham analyst Laura Martin predicted that a US$3 billion additional revenue may be going Apple's Way thanks to the fee that is charged for hosting apps on its App Store.


Around 30% is reportedly kept from all of the earnings obtained by Pokemon Go, thanks to the fee that comes with expenditures via the iOS apps. This was compared to how much Apple got in additional revenue for hosting Blizzard and King's Candy Crush Saga back in its heyday as one of the most popular mobile titles. Apple earned US$2 billion alone from that game in two years

Perhaps what's even more noteworthy is the fact that the estimated additional revenue for Apple may be worth more than what Nintendo may get from Pokemon Go. Given its 32% stake in The Pokemon Company, plus factoring in Niantic Labs' stake in the title, and Nintendo's overall profit from Pokemon Go may not be as much.

Of course, that may only be as relatively compared to what other stakeholders in Pokemon Go. Let's not forget that Nintendo's stock has kept soaring in what could be the high time of the Pokemon Go bubble, it even overtook Sony in the stocks in a steep finishing climb.

There will surely be much more to come as far as Pokemon Go's reach is concerned. It still has to launch in Asia, where a huge portion of its fans, and not to mention the franchise's hometown, is located.

Pokemon Go is already out in several areas in Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.

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