Step Aside Pokemon Go, Pororo Go May Steal Your Thunder in Korea

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Clones or alternate augmented-reality titles for Pokemon Go are already a dime a dozen. This isn't surprising, considering how Niantic Labs' game is not yet available in all countries.

And while China has already spawned a very similar game called City Spirit Go, South Korean isn't too far behind with its own version. According to Business Korea, Korean AR company Social Network has announced that it will be releasing Pororo Go.

For those who are familiar with the blue penguin with the aviator hat and goggles, Pororo is the little penguin who lives in the snowy village of Porong Porong Forest with his friends.


Pororo Go aims to not only make use of the rights to the animation character, it will also be riding on the Pokemon Go craze—and it's not afraid to say it. Social Network CEO Park Soo-wang said:

"While Pokemon Go is a fun AR game for adults, Pororo Go differentiates itself from others with educational AR elements."

How exactly this educational twist will be showcased in the app remains to be seen. One thing's for sure, Pororo has a number of friends in the animation, and considering Pokemon Go's function as a game, the developer may be utilizing that similar approach.

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