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An Eternals Documentary May Be Released Says Exec

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Eternals! Read at your own risk!

In case you are wondering why there is a cameraman seen in various trailers, those who already watched the movie knows it is not a mere error or coincidence as said guy literally forms part of the story as Karun, the valet of Kingo, and while he pissed off some of the Eternals, he also captured their best moments in Amazon. An executive says that the said documentary may be released soon.

An Eternals Documentary May Be Released Says Exec
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Credit: Marvel Studios
An Eternals Documentary May Be Released Says Exec

Aside from Dane Whitman, another lovable human in the whole Eternals movie is Karun, the valet of Kingo who has been with him for a lot of years already and he is always on Kingo’s side as if his shadow always following him. Throughout the movie, he has been a comedic relief but more than that, he shed some light on some human insights, even thanked the Eternals for wanting to save the people on Earth.

Karun is shown to be carrying cameras throughout the movie and as per Kingo, he is making a documentary about the Eternals. Despite pissing off some Eternals for filming them in inappropriate times, Karun remained faithful to taking clips that he has a lot of back-up cameras just in case one gets devoured by a monster or if it gets broken by an angry Eternal like Sprite.


The producer of the film, Nate Moore, talked with ComicBook.com’s Phase Zero and he revealed that there is a possibility that the documentary of Kingo would be released, "By the way, we've talked about it. Because there is footage and we were shooting a lot of stuff on a video camera on set, just to have it. And Harish Patel who is fantastic, he had an actual working prop camera.”

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With Patel having a live camera, Moore said, “So, he would just be rolling on scenes. We didn't always ask him to, he is like, 'What? That's what I'm doing.' There is quite a bit. So, I'm sure is somewhere there is an actual full Kingo documentary we could put together.” Recently, Marvel released the poster of Karun.

As regards the decision of Kingo not joining the fray, Moore also has something to say on that, "That would be against, what I believe, is Kingo. So, if there's a spectrum, 'I'm not all the way to Ikaris, but I don't agree with you guys.' And if you watch the movie, at no point does Kingo ever agree with their plan."


Moore added, "He is actually a pretty consistent character in what he believes and values. And again, in a movie, that for us was very much about faith and purpose. We didn't want to take, I don't want to say the easy way out, but we didn't want to take the expected route of redeeming this guy because I don't think he would have showed up at that last fight is the truth."

Even when Kingo left, Karun follows him wherever he goes but before bidding goodbye, he thanked the Eternals whose vote was to save humanity and the gratefulness in his face is clear, seemingly relaying a message; that despite the Earth being a sacrifice, people will always find ways to be grateful.

See Karun in Eternals, now in theaters.