Amazon Leak Suggests A Couple Of Pokemon Games Might Be Heading To Switch

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Pokemon is one of the biggest and most popular franchises in the gaming industry, having millions of gamers around the globe on different platforms. Now, it looks like Pokemon's going to expand its reach even further because word has it there's going to be a few more unannounced Pokemon games making its way to the Nintendo Switch.

A gamer on Twitter managed to take a few screenshots of the latest listings that's been leaking on Amazon UK before they were taken down from the site and there were several titles for Nintendo Switch in the list.

What's even more interesting is that Amazon UK's listing apparently revealed that Nintendo "just announced at the Nintendo Switch Event" a couple of Pokemon 3DS titles for the gaming platform.


Though gamers ought to take the new report with a grain of salt as with any other rumor, it's pretty difficult not to get your attention peaked over the new report. The listing might describe both games as Switch titles, however, Nintendo 3Ds is also mentioned in the leak, suggesting that the Pokemon games might have originally come from Nintendo 3DS.

If the report is proven true, then Nintendo might be trying to avoid the backlash like the one they received last year when they released updated versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon late last year without bringing remakes to the Nintendo Switch platform.

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