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Alice in Borderland: Tao Tsuchiya Announces Pregnancy, Marriage to My Brother Loves Me Too Much Co-Star

Tao Tsuchiya will soon become a mother! The Alice in Borderland star has just confirmed her pregnancy on social media. In addition to that, Tsuchiya announced that she is getting married to her longtime boyfriend and My Brother Loves Me Too Much co-star Ryota Katayose.

On January 1, Tao Tsuchiya wrote a lengthy Instagram post confirming her engagement to Ryota Katayose, who also posted the announcement on his official account. In the post, Tsuchiya revealed that she and Katayose have been dating for some time now.

"Since we first met, during all these years, we have continued to help and support each other with much respect, stimulating each other throughout various milestones as individual artists," the statement read.

"With advice from our seniors, we have been making preparations for our marriage. At the end of last year, in the midst of all of this, we discovered and are blessed that a new life has been brought to us," it continues.

"We will continue to strive and work together with much love and devotion to nurture this miracle that has been brought us, wishing for the dawn of a new era," the statement adds. "We would be very grateful if you would kindly support and continue to watch over us."

Tao Tsuchiya has appeared in several manga adaptations including Rurouni Kenshin where she played Misao Makimachi, and Orange where she first worked with Alice in Borderland co-stars Kento Yamazaki and Dori Sakurada. Tsuchiya also provided the voice of the young Satoru Fujinuma in the anime adaptation of Erased. She met Ryota Katayose while working on the film My Brother Loves Me Too Much which is based on the manga by Rina Yagami.

Tsuchiya is the second Alice in Borderland star to announce her wedding after the premiere of Season 2. It was previously reported that Keita Machida has tied the knot with Hyunri.

All eight episodes of Alice in Borderland Season 2 are now streaming on Netflix.

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