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Alaska Daily Season 1 Episode 7 Return Date, Spoilers & Update: What To Expect When Eileen Fitzgerald Returns In 2023

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The latest hour of Alaska Daily on ABC left viewers hanging. But what else could one expect from a midseason finale? Continue reading to find out everything we know about Alaska Daily Season 1 Episode 7.

When Does Alaska Daily Season 1 Episode 7 Air?

The new episode is currently scheduled for a three-month delay. According to ABC, Alaska Daily Season 1 Episode 7 will premiere on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023, at 9 p.m. central standard time.

Meanwhile, ABC will fill that time slot with something else. According to the TV guide listings, ABC plans to air a few repeat episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos.

The break is most likely a result of the production needing additional time to shoot the final four episodes. Hilary Swank's pregnancy, which she revealed in early October, may also cause some delays.

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Alaska Daily Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

In Episode 6 of Alaska Daily, reporters from the Daily Alaskan looked into two separate cases of missing women. One was Jade, a Native Yupik woman, and the other was Henley, a white tourist who had fallen off a cruise ship. Furthermore, it was clear right once that the government would approach these two cases extremely differently.

While they spent over a million dollars searching for Henley, they neglected to recognize Jade's disappearance. Eileen and Roz decided to collaborate on a comparative essay exposing the governor's bigotry. The two articles also went viral.

Earlier in the hour, Stanley learned that the Pritchards were purchasing acreage. And Eileen discovered that the majority of the funds from the governor's task force on missing and murdered Indigenous women were going to Conrad Pritchard's public relations firm. She questioned him about it, but his son, Aaron, was upset.

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The Concerned Citizen arrived at Eileen's workplace with a gun at the end of Alaska Daily Episode 6. While she begged him not to use it, he informed her that she had "left him with no choice," and the screen went blank.

Alaska Daily Season 1 Episode 7 Expectations

After confronting Eileen, the Concerned Citizen's behavior escalates in the preview for Enemy of the People. SWAT forces surround the Daily Alaskan after authorities become aware of the hostage scenario.

"You spread lies," the Concerned Citizen says to Eileen inside the office building. "You suppress the truth. And now, you’re dead.” At the end of the promo, gunshots are heard, and a SWAT member says, “Shots fired! Shots fired! ”

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Without a doubt, Eileen will survive being taken hostage by the Concerned Citizen, in our opinion. She is the main attraction, therefore she won't be leaving anytime soon. But the hostage situation will be unpleasant and could leave Eileen with lasting scars. And it's possible that she sustains injuries during the upsetting incident, or it's possible that the Concerned Citizen is the one who is shot.

The Concerned Citizen is not someone to fool with, whatever the situation. And we anticipate that the hostage situation will have repercussions for the remainder of the season.

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