1923 Release Date, Spoilers & Update: Yellowstone Season 5 Perfectly Sets Up Taylor Sheridan's Second Prequel Series

Credit: Yellowstone/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Yellowstone/YouTube Screenshot

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Yellowstone's most recent season, which just had its fourth episode air, has several opportunities to set up the new prequel show, despite the fact that it is set in the present and far removed from the events of 1923.

1923 is the second Yellowstone spinoff and prequel following 1883, and it is directed by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. In the upcoming series, a new generation of the Dutton family will be shown defending the ranch and dealing with numerous difficulties in the early 20th century.

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How Yellowstone Season 5 Sets Up 1923

A recent hint from Yellowstone actor Cole Hauser for the final half of Season 5 suggests that viewers are in for a brutal season, which reflects the dark and bleak tone expected from 1923.

Because the core series covers several generations of the same family on the same ranch, Yellowstone Season 5 may see the Duttons confront their family's history of violence, laying the groundwork for 1923, which arrives in December.

The new Paramount+ 1923 trailer provides a more thorough look at Helen Mirren and Harisson Ford's characters, as well as narrative specifics and other characters fans may anticipate to follow in the new series.

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The wealthy antagonist, played by Timothy Dalton, is revealed in the trailer as Ford and Mirren get ready to fight for the valley. A sight of the family cemetery in the 1923 trailer hints at a connection to its predecessor, which is set 40 years after the previous prequel series 1883.

Intriguing footage of a lion rising from the undergrowth is also shown in the teaser, which may be a signal that Dalton's sophisticated character will introduce the iconic Big Game Hunting Craze of the 1920s and other Roaring '20s trends to the Yellowstone setting.

1923 Expectations

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While 1883 was focused on the aftermath of the Civil War and the Duttons' relocation from Texas to Montana, 1923 will see the new generation attempting to preserve the place that has now become their family home. When the prequel show starts, there will be lots of problems to explore because the 1920s are filled with possible narrative points and complicating factors.

The premise of 1923 is that film would explore the Western Expansion, prohibition, the Great Depression (which began early in Montana), increased livestock theft, historic drought, and overall lawlessness.

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Given the numerous challenges the Duttons will encounter in the Yellowstone prequel series, it is likely that the Duttons, played by Ford and Mirren, will be the family's most resilient yet. While the protagonists in 1923 will face numerous difficulties, it has been previously said that two seasons, each consisting of eight episodes, will be required to complete the entire story.

The next installment of the epic Yellowstone saga will finally be revealed to viewers when 1923 premieres on Paramount+ on Dec. 18.

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