Alaska Daily Episode 8 News & Update: Gabriel's Trauma Hints He Could Be Leaving

Credit: ABC/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC/YouTube Screenshot

As Gabriel Tovar's journey unfolds in Alaska Daily Episode 8, viewers are given a glimpse into the toll that violence can take on those who are tasked with reporting on it.

In the aftermath of the Concerned Citizen's assault on the Daily Alaskan, Gabriel's world was turned upside down. The young reporter had been on the front lines of the attack, and the trauma he experienced left him battered both physically and emotionally. Gabriel took a leave of absence from work to recover and reflect.

When the Concerned Citizen took Eileen Fitzgerald and Gabriel Tovar hostage in Episode 7, the show nearly lost two characters. Nevertheless, Eileen dealt with the armed man before he could harm the two reporters.

Tragically, the Concerned Citizen committed suicide in front of Eileen and Gabriel, which exacerbated their trauma. Gabriel was uncertain as to whether he wished to pursue a career in journalism after the tragedy.

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Is Gabriel Leaving in Alaska Daily Episode 8?

Gabriel's coworkers were concerned about him, so one by one, they arrived at his house to support him. In Alaska Daily Episode 8, Gabriel told them he would not return to the newspaper.

The news naturally disappointed and astonished the reporters. But, there was little they could say to him at that time that would convince him to reconsider his decision.

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Is This The End of Pablo Castelblanco's Character?

Although the audience was shocked by Gabriel's revelation at the end of Alaska Daily, it is quite doubtful that he will truly leave the Daily Alaskan.

There is no evidence that Gabriel actor Pablo Castelblanco is leaving the ABC series. The actor has not issued a statement regarding his departure, so we can only infer that Gabriel's departure is a slight setback in his career.

Gabriel's ordeal was so traumatic that it would cause anyone to reconsider their chosen profession. He must simply realize that his skill in journalism is too valuable to waste. And it will be just a matter of time before Gabriel returns to the Alaska Daily newsroom.

As of the writing of this article, however, the show's future remains uncertain. ABC airs new episodes of Alaska Daily every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.

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