The Dark Tower TV Series News & Update: Mike Flanagan Says His Own Adaptation Will Be Different From the Movie

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Mike Flanagan's The Dark Tower TV series will be totally different from the movie that starred Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, which he described as the "wrong approach."

The Dark Tower film, co-written and directed by Nikolaj Arcel, was a critical and commercial flop in 2017 and was widely regarded as the incorrect method of adapting Stephen King's eight-book saga.

Flanagan, famed for his King adaptations Gerald's Game and Doctor Sleep, as well as Netflix horror shows The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass, confirmed late last year that The Dark Tower was being made into a series.

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The Dark Tower TV Series: A Different Approach, Says Mike Flanagan

During a recent appearance on the Script Apart podcast, Flanagan discussed how The Dark Tower movie was an incorrect interpretation of King's source material.

"[My Dark Tower adaptation] couldn't be more different [from the movie]," he said. "That was the wrong approach to the material, kind of across the board, and it was such the wrong approach that I think it kind of salted the earth for anyone else who wanted to plant something under the Dark Tower banner for who knows how long."

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The Dark Tower Movie's Failed Attempt To Capture Both Critics and Fans' Approval

The film adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower was a commercial failure, according to box office numbers and industry analysts. Released in August 2017, the movie earned just $50.7 million domestically and $113.2 million worldwide, failing to recoup its estimated $66 million production budget.

The film was based on King's epic series of novels that blended elements of fantasy, horror, and westerns. Despite its built-in fan base, the movie received poor reviews from critics and lukewarm reactions from audiences.

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Industry analysts pointed to several factors that contributed to the film's commercial failure, including poor marketing, a rushed production schedule, and a confusing plot that failed to capture the essence of the source material. Despite the disappointment, King fans remain hopeful that a future adaptation will better do justice to the beloved book series.

Fans of The Dark Tower may rest certain that the adaptation will be handled by someone familiar with the source material and the core problems that plagued the 2017 movie.

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