20 Mar 2020 4:31 PM +00:00 UTC

Ahsoka Tano Actress Says Sabine Team-Up Star Wars Series Would Be a 'Dream'

After she walked away from the Jedi Order in season five, Ahsoka Tano made a surprise appearance in Star Wars Rebels. Now, she has finally made her long-awaited return in the seventh and final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While fans are excited to see the character again, fans are also hoping for a possible team-up with Sabine Wren in a future series.

"I honestly don't know," Ahsoka actress Ashley Eckstein told SYFY WIRE. "But I can tell you I would love it if there was. That would be a dream of mine, and Tiya [Sircar] and I have talked about that." She said they both "bug" showrunner Dave Filoni about finding "where Ahsoka and Sabine are and where Ezra is." There is a possibility that fans would get to see that series, that said, Eckstein pointed out that the interviewer and the fans' guesses are as good as hers - there is no point in asking about that.


While it'll be a while before that happens, it's good to know that Eckstein is open to returning in an animated series following her character and Sabine Wren's adventures after Return of the Jedi.

The series finale of Star Wars Rebels saw Ezra taking a stand against Thrawn. They both jumped through hyperspace somewhere in the galaxy, and the finale jumped forward to after Return of the Jedi, hinting that Ahsoka and Sabine were to go on a journey to know Ezra's whereabouts.

Filoni hasn't confirmed that this would happen in a series anytime soon, but he did express his excitement for what the finale has set up for the pair in a previous interview. "I've always felt the best stories end and then other stories begin," he said. "One thing ends and another begins, and the story continues. That's a saga."

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