Ahsoka Episode 5 Revisits the Clone Wars Era

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Ahsoka Episode 5, so read at your own risk!

Ever since it was announced that Hayden Christensen is returning to play Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka, fans were wondering how they'll bring him back especially considering that the character has died in the show's present-day timeline.

Since then, reports have come around surrounding how the titular character's former Jedi master will be involved in the series such as the return of World Between Worlds and an alleged multiverse-like exploration of past events.

The final moments of the fourth episode last week confirmed what we have suspected all along and it's been heavily speculated and rumored since its airing that the episode will revisit the Clone Wars era through the World Between Worlds.

The Clone Wars Flashbacks in Ahsoka Episode 5

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Credit: Lucasfilm

After the cold open involving Hera Syndulla and the main titles appeared on screen, we saw a continuation of the end of the fourth episode where Ahsoka and her former Jedi master reunited in the World Between Worlds.

Anakin offered Ahsoka to finish her training which led to a lightsaber battle between them. After he cornered her and sliced the bridge under her feet, Ahsoka suddenly fell into the red mist and found herself in the Clone Wars era again.

During this sequence, the character is in her teenage form played by Barbie and Avengers: Infinity War star Ariana Greenblatt (confirming the rumor that surfaced days before the airing of the episode).

Ahsoka and Anakin, who are sporting armor, were on one of their first missions and drew their lightsabers to get through the battle.

In the aftermath, while being surrounded by a lot of clone troopers, Ahsoka lamented how she was being trained as a soldier. Anakin responded by reminding her that she'll die if she doesn't continue the fight. As the battle resumed, Ahsoka caught a glimpse of him in his Darth Vader form.

Later, in another flashback sequence that is set during the Siege of Mandalore, Ahsoka is seen fighting the Mandalorians who sided with Darth Maul and we get to hear Temuera Morrison's voice as Captain Rex, who is also part of the battle.

Anakin showed up saying that he was not part of the battle. Ahsoka questioned her role again as a soldier which led to Anakin telling her that she'll soon have his knowledge and become part of his legacy.

Ahsoka noted to her master that he was a more powerful being than anyone in the universe. It led to Anakin attacking her once again and they returned to the bridge in the World Between Worlds. He was also slowly turning into Darth Vader as the fight continued to ensue.

It ended with Ahsoka disarming her master, who went back to his normal form and gave his farewell to his padawan as the World Between Worlds vanished around.

Afterwards, Ahsoka was seen sinking into the ocean and she was rescued by Hera Syndulla's team of New Republic pilots.

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The Clone Wars era flashbacks served as a cathartic journey for Ahsoka in the World Between Worlds and relieving her experiences gave her realization that led to her exit from the dimension and go back to the real world to continue her mission.


Most importantly, she was also able to have her "final training" with her former master and contemplate his legacy now that she has also become a master herself.

New episodes of Ahsoka premiere every Tuesday night on Disney+.

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