aespa Winter Reveals Surprising Fact About Herself

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

aespa Winter has interesting facts about herself that only a few people know.

Following her debut in 2020, Winter and her co-members appeared in different interviews and shows in which they shared facts about themselves. She constantly gave once-private details, including the fact that she would want to have an iced americano rather than a hot americano in winter and a heater in summer instead of AC in winter.

Aside from the details she gave away so far, Winter recently dropped another fact about herself that surprised Kim Shin Young.

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aespa Winter Has a Surprising Revelation About Herself

During the July 9 broadcast of The Manager, aespa members Karina, Winter, Giselle, and NingNing served as the show’s guests.

They showed the filming of their music video for Girls, recording how they danced hard to the song a couple of times and took a break sometimes.

But at several points, it can be seen that Winter still had a clean face while the other three members were already drenched with sweats. Karina revealed that Winter actually does not sweat.

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"Yes, I don't sweat outside, but I feel like I'm sweating inside,” she said.

She surprised Kim Shin when she talked about it during the July 12 episode of MBC FM4U’s Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon (via Naver). According to the K-pop idol, her dream was to become a soldier, prompting Kim Shin Young to ask her whether she would want to undergo Ranger training at the hottest time in the summer or the coldest time in the winter.

Winter shocked the host as she answered she would prefer to do it in the hot summer since she does not sweat at all.

Winter Shares Her Dream Job

During the same appearance, Winter disclosed that her brother is an officer. But it was not truly the first time she talked about it, though.

In 2020, she divulged that she considered undergoing training to become a soldier before becoming an idol.

“I wanted to be a singer since I was young. But I just thought that being a soldier is very charming,” she went on.

Winter’s confession came after aespa released its second mini-album, Girls, on July 8.

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