aespa Following Girls' Generation And TWICE's Footsteps As New Nation's Girl Group?

Credit: SMTOWN’s Official YouTube Channel

Credit: SMTOWN’s Official YouTube Channel

SM Entertainment is up to score another title as its girl group, aespa, poses to become the new generation's Nation's Girl Group.

The power of K-pop music has been handed over to several generations already. Following the first girl groups in Korea, Girls' Generation and TWICE led their generations and waved their respective flags for years.

The two girl groups continuously prove their powers in dominating charts and having sold-out tours. These milestones caused them to earn the Nation's Girl Group title of their respective generation. They also notably did well in physical and digital sales.

As K-pop fans embraced the groups in the new generation, they began searching for the most deserving group to be called the Nation's Girl Group. Out of all the groups that debuted so far, aespa seemingly scored the top spot.

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Why Should aespa Be the Next Nation's Girl Group?

aespa Following Girls' Generation, TWICE's Footsteps As New Nation's Girl Group?
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aespa proved the different levels of power the new generation's groups have. Through its debut song Black Mamba, SM Entertainment's girl group immediately enjoyed a milestone by being the fastest K-pop group debut music video to reach 100 million views.

In comparison, they won the title just like how TWICE did through their Like Ooh Ahh. For what it's worth, the JYP Entertainment group became the first K-pop group to have a debut music video that reached 100 million views on YouTube.

aespa extended their success with Next Level, and the song strengthened their fandom as one of the most sought-after monster rookies of their generation.

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While the group is up for another comeback, the song has remained in the top 3 on different charts for the past five months.

Although the girl group is yet to officially score the title, they already showed what they are capable of and why they deserve to be called like that.

aespa Gets Involved in Scandals 2021

aespa Following Girls' Generation, TWICE's Footsteps As New Nation's Girl Group?
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Amid the group's success, aespa has also been bombarded with criticisms due to their recent scandals and issues.

Ahead of the release of their comeback song Savage, the girl group and their choreographer have been called out for allegedly copying BLACKPINK and ITZY's choreographies. A part of the 30-second teaser video caught internet users' attention as the dance step is reportedly similar to BLACKPINK's How You Like That and ITZY's Not Shy.

Fans mainly slammed choreographer Kiel Tutin who has since defended himself and addressed the issue through Instagram Story.

In addition, fans noticed how the group seemingly plagiarized British designer James Merry and Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama's arts for their concept photos.

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