Ad Slots for New Variety Show Featuring BTS’s V Costs a Whopping Hundreds of Millions of Won

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Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot
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Fans now have high expectations for the upcoming new variety show, Seo Jin’s (working title), featuring BTS’s V and the rest of the Wooga squad. Knowing it features a big name like Kim Taehyung, there are reports that a single ad slot for the show causes hundreds of millions of won or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

CJ ENM broadcasting guide revealed that Seo Jin’s will premiere on February 24 and will feature 10 episodes, so it will air until April 28. New episodes will be out every Friday on tvN and run for an hour and 30 minutes.


The Huge Price for V’s Single Ad Slot

With the high expectations of the Korean general public, CJ ENM revealed the price for the show’s single advertisement slot costs a whopping 300 million won or $235,000.

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Despite that, the ad slots are reportedly sold out. It’s also the only show with all ad slots sold out aside from “Crash Course on Romance.”


A Glimpse of Seo Jin’s

Meanwhile, tvN shared a glimpse of Seo Jin’s, a spinoff of the hit reality show Youn’s Kitchen.

The show will feature an all-star cast, opening and running a small Korean restaurant in a different country. Lee Seo Jin will take over as the new boss of the restaurant, replacing Youn Yuh Jung.

He will be joined by the series’ original cast members Park Seo Joon and Jung Yu Mi, with the Youn’s Stay co-star Choi Woo Shik and the newcomer, V.


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In the new teaser, the cast opens a shop in Mexico.

“I think there’ll be lots of people when we open for business,” Park Seo Joon says.

Sadly, the business’ turnout is not what they expect.

“Wow, business is this slow? But they said Korean food was all the rage! All the rage my foot,” Lee Seo Jin states.

Fortunately, people start pouring in, and Lee Seo Jin is already turning people away because the place is full.

“All of a sudden, his facial expression has improved,” Park Seo Joon says about Lee Seo Jin.


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As the trailer shows the fun banter between the two, V jokes, “I feel like I’m watching Jekyll and Hyde.”

So when Lee Seon Jin asks if they can accept one last customer, though they’re already closed, Jung Yu Mi strongly disagrees.

“He didn’t use to be like that,” Park Seo Joon laughingly says.

“The hyung [older brother or male friend] I used to know is now my boss. He’s not my hyung anymore!” Park Seo Joon reasons as Lee Seon Jin still wants to serve more customers, though everyone is already tired.

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