Actor Yoon Si Yoon Reveals Downside of Having Good-natured Characters Since His Hick Kick Through the Roof Debut

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Actor Yoon Si Yoon expressed his desire to play more diverse roles instead of playing characters with the same persona in different series and films.

Yoon Si Yoon has been leading notable K-drama series that helped him score international fame. Among the series he worked on, so far, include King of Baking Kim Takgu, My Cute Guys, Hit the Top, Your Honor, Nokdu Flower, Psychopath Diary, and Train.

Although he has been a successful star in the acting industry, he revealed he wants to take on more diverse roles.

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Yoon Si Yoon Wants To Challenge Himself With New Roles

In a recent interview with The Korea Times, Yoon Si Yoon opened up about his success as an actor and credited it to the good-natured roles he has scored so far. His role in High Kick Through the Roof led him to score similar roles in the past years.

However, he noted that he has not gotten the chance to try other roles because of having the same persona.

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"I was lucky. Because many of my memorable roles are of naive, good-natured guys, people often associate me with that same persona," he said. "For me, personally, it's exactly what I would have hoped for. But I'm afraid of being typecast as the good guy because it hinders me from playing more diverse roles."

Yoon Si Yoon then explained that he wants to do films and series with empathetic and interesting stories. He gave an example, saying that he would love to be part of projects that even foreigners can definitely understand.

Yoon Si Yoon Shares Details About Latest Film Love My Scent

Elsewhere in the interview, Yoon Si Yoon spoke about his latest romantic comedy film.

Titled Love My Scent, the film explores the life of an average car salesman named Chang Soo. He soon falls in love with a woman he meets on the bus every day. While he does not have the courage to talk to her and ask her on a date, he soon finds a magic perfume that makes her closer to him.

“It's a feel-good romantic comedy that you can go and have a blast with. The magic perfume leads to a sequence of comical events. Watching the awkward, shy couple falling in love will remind viewers of their first love,” he went on.

After the projects, Yoon Si Yoon said he wants to play bad guys soon as cinematographers told him he has a resting villain face. It is yet to be known whether he will land one character soon.

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