27 May 2021 2:21 PM +00:00 UTC

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Looks Downright Badass as Kraven the Hunter in New Image

Credit: Marvel Studios

The entire Marvel fandom has been buzzing following the announcement that Avengers: Age of Ultron star Aaron Taylor-Johnson has officially been cast as the live-action version of Kraven the Hunter in Sony Pictures' upcoming Spider-Man spinoff project.

Although in a clear state of bewilderment, a lot of fans are still excited for Taylor-Johnson's return to the world of superheroes and there's no denying that the Kickass star has what it takes to lead his own franchise.

Now, with all the talk surrounding Aaron's stunning casting in the Sonyverse, Australian digital artist Bosslogic is once again revving up the hype-wagon but unveiling a spectacular fan art depicting the English actor as arguably Spider-Man's most ruthless adversary. I gotta say, his take on ATJ as Kraven is somewhat comic accurate and more importantly, it's downright badass. Check it out here:

Taylor-Johnson may be an odd choice to some people but I'm pretty confident that he'll get the job done. Now, considering Sony Pictures pretty much owns the rights to Tom Holland's Spider-Man, it'll be interesting to see if that version of the character will end up going toe-to-toe with Kraven but as long as Marvel Studios is in the picture, we may have to wait a little longer for it to happen. But then again, Sony has never addressed whether or not Holland's Peter Parker actually exists in their shared universe. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.


Sony's Kraven the Hunter film is slated to hits cinemas on January 13, 2023.

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