A Quiet Place II Star Emily Blunt Responds to Fantastic Four Fancast

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When Disney acquired the 20th Century Fox, fans were looking forward to the many possibilities that could happen once the Fantastic Four arrives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One name that has been closely linked to the franchise is A Quiet Place II star Emily Blunt, who fans hoped would play the role of Sue Storm. However, is the actress open in doing so?

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Blunt was asked if she's prepared for the internet backlash if she and his husband John Krasinski wouldn't get cast for a Fantastic Four film. "Well, I don't know," she said, "You're gonna have to speak to [Marvel Studios president Kevin] Feige about it, right?"


The actress says the fan casting is "so flattering and lovely." However, she admits that she doesn't see it as "anything other than hypothetical" until the studio actually casts someone else. "I don't know," Blunt reiterated.

Blunt has been a fan-favorite choice to play Sue Storm and was even rumored to have met with Marvel to talk about a potential Fantastic Four role. However, that report was never confirmed and based on this recent interview, Blunt is seemingly indicating that she was not even close to having met with the studio to play the character.

That said, Blunt was previously linked to the MCU when it was revealed that she was offered the role of Black Widow, but she actually turned it down. Obviously, that part ultimately went to Scarlett Johansson who has played the character for several Marvel films and is even set to return in a solo movie to be released in May.

I do think that Blunt is a good fit for Sue Storm, however, fans would have to just wait and see if Marvel would cast the actress and if she is ever willing to do it at that time.

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