65 Directors Explain How Adam Driver Elevated Sci-Fi Movie

Credit: CTMG/Sony

Credit: CTMG/Sony

We already know that Adam Driver is fascinating to watch on screen but his good looks and acting chops are not the only reasons why he landed the lead role in the sci-fi flick 65. Directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods have admitted that they wanted the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker actor because he was sure to elevate the film's already interesting storyline.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods recently spoke to GamesRadar where they confirmed that they pitched the movie to Adam Driver and they managed to convince him to do the project. However, Driver also had his own ideas for the film that ultimately made it better.

"Adam has been such an incredible collaborator from the very start because we would break down the script together," Beck said. "He'd present 10 thoughts, and we'd want to sit down, listen, break down, and figure out a way to do all 10 of those. And then in the editing process, it's him reacting to what the movie is. We would be on set, and we would love to do take after take and get nuance and differences. We were always like, 'We want one more!' and Adam is like, 'Well, I want one more than that.'"

"We would be able to build these versions of the scenes, and sit back and evaluate them as a team," Beck continued. "Adam is so intelligent in terms of behavioral science, but also what is just instinctually the right note to hit. It's something that we love because there's two of us and we are always indulging each other in conversation. To have Adam inside the little circle of trust was an incredible experience."

65 follows commercial pilot Commander Mills (played by Driver) and a young girl named Koa (Ariana Greenblatt) who are the only two survivors when their ship is hit by an asteroid and crashes onto an uncharted planet. The two must work together to survive a planet filled with dinosaurs and other dangers. The film is now screening in theaters worldwide.

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