58th Baeksang Arts Awards: Lee Jung Jae, Kim Nam Gil, Kim Tae Ri, & More Nominated At Prestigious Award Show

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Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

The 58th Baeksang Awards, the highly-anticipated awards event of the year, will finally happen.

Among all the awards ceremonies in South Korea, the Baeksang Awards is the most prestigious one. It is the local version of Hollywood’s Oscars, and it is hosted by JTBC and Ilgan Sports.

Hankook Ilbo founder Chang Key Young, whose pen name is Baeksang, founded the Baeksang Arts Awards. The Korea Times regards the show as the most prestigious in South Korea’s entertainment and TV industry.

For this year, more familiar names appeared on the list, which has been recently revealed by the award organization.

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Biggest Names On 58th Baeksang Arts Awards

The Baeksang Awards’ official website recently released the complete list of nominees. As expected, the actors and actresses who have been named under the Best Actor and Actress for Drama category came from the biggest K-dramas this year.

For the Best Actor for Drama Category, Through the Darkness’ Kim Nam Gil, Squid Game’s Lee Jung Jae, The Red Sleeve’s Lee Junho, Tracer’s Im Siwan, and DP’s Jung Hae In conquered the list.

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Meanwhile, Twenty Five Twenty One’s Kim Tae Ri, My Name’s Han So Hee, The King’s Affection's Park Eun Bin, Juvenile Justice’s Kim Hye Soo, and The Red Sleeve's Lee Se Young appeared in the Best Actress for Drama category.

Aside from the aforesaid stars, more award-winning celebrities, shows, and films appeared on Baeksang Awards’ list.

58th Baeksang Arts Awards’ Complete List of Nominees

On Tuesday, the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards confirmed that the ceremony would take place on May 6, 7:45 PM KST, at KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) in Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi Province. JTBC, JTBC2, and JTBC4 will broadcast the event live.

Here's the complete list of nominees at the 58th Baeksang Art Awards:

Best Supporting Actor for Drama

• Lee Deok Hwa (The Red Sleeve)

• Lee Hak Joo (Political Fever)

• Lee Hyun Wook (Mine)

• Jo Hyun Chul (D.P.)

• Heo Sung Tae (Squid Game)

Best Supporting Actress for Drama

• Kang Mal Geum (Thirty Nine)

• Kim Shin Rok (Hellbound)

• Kim Joo Ryung (Squid Game)

• Ok Ja Yeon (Mine)

• Jang Hye Jin (The Red Sleeve)

Best New Actor for Drama

• Koo Kyo Hwan (D.P.)

• Shin Seung Ho (D.P.)

• Yoo In Soo (All Of Us Are Dead)

• Choi Hyun Wook (Twenty Five, Twenty One)

• Tang Joon Sang (Racket Boys)

Best New Actor for Drama

• Kim Hye Joon (Inspector Koo)

• Lee Yeon (Juvenile Justice)

• Lee Yoo Mi (All Of Us Are Dead)

• Jung Ho Yeon (Squid Game)

• Cho Yi Hyun (All Of Us Are Dead)

Best Director For Drama

• Yoon Sung Ho (Going To The Blue House Like This)

• Lee Na Jung (Mine)

• Jung Ji In (The Red Sleeve)

• Han Jun Hee (D.P.)

• Hwang Dong Hyuk (Squid Game)

Best Screenwriter For Drama

• Kim Min Seok (Juvenile Justice)

• Kim Hong Gi, Park Noo Ri, Choi Sung Jin, Yoon Sung Ho (Going To The Blue House Like This)

• Baek Mi Kyung (Mine)

• Lee Na Eun (Our Beloved Summer)

• Hwang Dong Hyuk (Squid Game)

Best Drama

• D.P

• Twenty Five, Twenty One

• Squid Game

• The Red Sleeve

• Going To The Blue House Like This

Best Actor for Film

• Kim Yoon Seok (Escape From Mogadishu)

• Sol Kyung Gu (Kingmaker)

• Lee Sun Kyun (Kingmaker)

• Jung Woo (Hot Blooded)

• Choi Min Sik (In Our Prime)

Best Actress for Film

• Go Doo Shim (Shining Moment)

• Park So Dam (Special Delivery)

• Lee Hye Young (In Front Of Your Face)

• Girls' Generation's Yoona (Miracle: Letters To The President)

• Jeon Jong Seo (Romance Without Love)

Best Supporting Actor for Film

• Koo Kyo Hwan (Escape From Mogadishu)

• Park Yong Woo (Spiritwalker)

• Sung Yu Bin (Perhaps Love)

• Jo Woo Jin (Kingmaker)

• Heo Jun Ho (Escape From Mogadishu)

Best Supporting Actress for Film

• Kim So Jin (Escape From Mogadishu)

• Kim Jae Hwa (Escape From Mogadishu)

• Shim Dal Gi (Snowball)

• Oh Nara (Perhaps Love)

• Lee Soo Kyung (Miracle: Letters To The President)

Best New Actor for Film

• Kim Dong Hwi (In Our Prime)

• Kim Jae Bum (Hostage)

• Moo Jin Sung (Perhaps Love)

• Lee Hong Nae (Hot Blooded)

• Jung Jae Wang (Knockout)

Best New Actress for Film

• Gong Seung Yeon (Aloners)

• Girl's Day's Min Ah (Snowball)

• Girls' Generation's Seohyun (Love And Leasher)

• Lee Yoo Mi (Young Adult Matters)

• Choi Sung Eun (Ten Months)

Best Director For Film

• Ryu Seung Wan (Escape From Mogadishu)

• Park Dong Hoon (In Our Prime)

• Byun Sung Hyun (Kingmaker)

• Lee Jang Hoo (Miracle: Letters To The President)

• Jung Ga Young (Romance Without Love)

Best Screenwriter For Film

• Sun Namgoong (Ten Months)

• Ryu Seung Wan, Lee Gi Cheol (Escape From Mogadishu)

• Byun Sung Hyun, Kim Min Soo (Kingmaker)

• Lee Yong Jae (In Our Prime)

• Jung Ga Young, Im Eun Jung (Romance Without Love)

Best Film

• Miracle

• Escape From Mogadishu

• Sewing Sisters

• Romance Without Love

• Kingmaker

Best Male Entertainer

• Kim Gura

• Moon Se Yoon

• Lee Yong Jin


• Jo Se Ho

• SHINee's Key

Best Female Entertainer

• Song Eun Yi

• Lovelyz's Mijoo

• Lee Eun Ji

• Joo Hyun Young

• Hong Jin Kyung

Best Variety Show

• Kick A Goal

• Single's Inferno

• Street Woman Fighter

• Yoo Quiz On The Block

• Transit Love

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