2PM Chansung, Jeon So Min, Song Yoon Ah, Lee Sung Jae To Lead In Channel A New Romance Kdrama

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Credit: JYP Entertainment

2PM Chansung immediately returns to the small screen after his impressive role in the Naver TV Kdrama So I Married The Anti Fan in April 2021. This time, the idol group member and actor is joined by Jeon So Min, Song Yoon Ah, and Lee Sung Jae in the upcoming Channel A romance Kdrama Show Window: The Queen's House.

Show Window is a mystery melodrama about Han Sun Joo, who expresses her support for an affair without knowing that the affair is with her husband.

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Show Window Cast

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Credit: Naver TV

Show Window has been drawing huge attention as soon as its cast members were revealed. In particular, the forthcoming Kdrama will see expectations rise for the synergy of actors Hwang Chan Sung, Jeon So Min, Song Yoon Ah, and Lee Sung Jae.

First, Song Yoon Ah will be portraying Han Sun Joo, who has everything a woman could ever dream of—beauty, intelligence, and wealth. Han Sun Joo is a great wife and mother who uses her outstanding skills in raising her son with a meticulous personality. However, due to a break-in, a rift in the perfect household was created, and she dives into a whirlwind of her life to fix everything.


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Lee Sung Jae will be taking over the role of Shin Myung Seob, Han Sun Joo's husband. Shin Myung Seob is the male version of a modern-day Cinderella. He climbs up the ranks of his mother-in-law's company, Lahen Group, as soon as he marries Han Sun Joo.

He is devoted to his family. However, he starts to feel curious about a certain woman to which he eventually crosses the line that should not be ventured on and causes catastrophe. Lee Sung Jae's solid portrayal will vividly depict Shin Myung Seob's emotional changes and increase the viewers' immersion in the drama.

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Credit: SBS

Running Man star Jeon So Min plays Yoon Mi Ra, the woman who gives an earthquake of emotions to Shin Myung Seob's heart. Yoon Mi Ra stands out with her beauty and irresistible charm and is a character that is faithful to her desires. Huge attention is focused on Jeon So Min, who is known for her lovely image and how she will play a fierce psychological game coveting Han Sun Joo's husband.


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Finally, 2PM member Chansung will be playing Han Jung Won, Han Sun Joo's younger brother. Han Jung Won is a positive and warm-hearted person who trusts and relies on his sister more than anyone else. He believes that he can do anything for her, stimulating curiosity about how such an affectionate brother and sister relationship will affect the intense psychological game that will shake up their worlds.

Show Window Release Date

Show Window is expected to premiere on November 5, 2021. The imminent Kdrama will air for a total of 16 episodes on its original network Channel A. The series will release new episodes every Friday and Saturday.

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