2 More Magic: The Gathering Cards From The Secret Lair x The Walking Dead Revealed

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Wizards of the Coast has revealed two more Magic: The Gathering cards from the upcoming crossover print-on-demand product Secret Lairx The Walking Dead, and they are Glenn, the Voice of Calm and a Walker token.

Sean Plott, a.k.a. Day9 has shared the previews on Twitter:

Glenn, the Voice of Calm

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Walker token

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They've already revealed a total of five The Walking Dead cards from the new Secret Lair, and Glenn is the third character featured. We've already seen the cards for Michonne and Negan as well as the Bicycles Girl zombie card.

What do you think about the cards featured in the Secret Lair x The Walking Dead? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

Secret Lair x The Walking Dead will be available for preorder on October 4-12 on secretlair.wizards.com for $49.99/£49.99/€54.99.

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