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12 Best Magical Quest Anime of All Time

In every story, whether it came from a novel, manga, or anime, viewers find it intriguing when there is something to look forward to. It might be a mysterious character, a complicated situation the protagonist is in, or a magical quest.

Since anime does not have a strict format to follow and any creator can do whatever he or she wants with his or her story, there are anime that involves fantasy and a quest. A quest is a journey or a mission that the protagonist does to fulfill his duty or find the truth to something. He or she is accompanied by friends or strangers he or she met along the way. Add a bit of magic and a magical quest is made. Below are the best magical quest anime of all time.

  1. Hunter x Hunter

    Hunter x Hunter introduced anime fans to a world where there are Hunters. These are licensed people to track individuals, look for treasures, and even capture deadly beasts. The series follows Gon who discovered that his father is a well-known hunter. He also learned that his father is still alive so he did everything he can (from leaving their peaceful island to becoming a hunter himself) to reunite with his dad.

  2. Rokka no Yuusha

    Also known as Braves of the Six Flowers, Rokka no Yuusha tells about the story of the Braves who were chosen by the Goddess of Fate. They must go on a journey to fight the Demon God. The story’s protagonist, Adlet, discovered that one of his companions is an imposter. He must find out who it is and win against the Demon God.

  3. Akatsuki no Yona

    Yona of the Dawn follows a banished princess named Yona. She decided to go on a journey with her bodyguard named Hak to find her rightful place. She wanted to reclaim her kingdom but in order to do that, she must face a lot of dangerous supernatural beings.

  4. Record of Lodoss War

    Those who are familiar with Sword World RPG will find Record of Lodoss War familiar. The anime was based on the Japanese tabletop RPG that talks about Young Parn’s father who was dishonored. This encouraged Parn to go on a journey to find out the truth about his father. He even formed a group to accompany him.

  5. Spice and Wolf

    The story centers on Holo who is a forgotten wolf-deity. One day, she accidentally meets Kraft Lawrence who is a local merchant. She becomes his business partner and the two of them decided to go on a journey together.

  6. The Slayers

    Lina Inverse is a young mage who is in search of the Philosopher’s Stone and Orihalcon statue. She is full of herself which made her decide to take the easy ways out whenever she is in a complicated situation. On her journey, she is accompanied by a swordsman and a part human, part blow demon, and part rock golem.

  7. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

    Bell Cranel is an adventurer who accidentally met Hestia, an attractive goddess. She decided to accompany him to achieve his goal of exploring dangerous dungeons. Hestia has two goals in mind why she accompanied Bell: to get more followers and for him to notice her.

  8. The Seven Deadly Sins

    Elizabeth was tasked to look for the Seven Deadly Sins. These are the most powerful individuals from the Liones Kingdom but they were considered traitors. While on a quest, she will stumble upon knights and magical individuals. Did we mention that there’s a giant pig who travels too?

  9. Samurai Champloo

    Jin and Mugen are known for their unique fighting techniques. Despite having opposite personalities, the two samurai joined Fuu on her journey to find someone she has been looking for all her life. The group will encounter a lot of dangerous people along the way but with Jin and Mugen’s skills, they might be fine after all.

  10. Zetsuen No Tempest

    The series is actually a murder mystery wherein Yoshino Takigawa’s girlfriend, Aika died and Mahiro, the brother of Aika, disappeared. One day, a girl suddenly confronted Yoshino and Mahiro saved him. The two of them decided to find the witch Hakaze Kusaribe to save the world. While doing this, they plan to solve the mystery of how Aika died.

  11. Black Clover

    Asta and Yuna are on a journey to become the Wizard King. They were both sent to an orphanage when they were babies. Asta was born without magic so he did his best to improve his physical strength. Yuna was the total opposite as everyone is aware of his power. He received a grimoire while Asta surprisingly got a Black Clover grimoire.

  12. Pokemon

    Ash wanted to become the best Pokemon trainer. In order to do that, he must go on a journey and collect as many pokemon as he can to train them all. Along with other fellow trainers, they go on a journey where they meet new pokemon, friends, and even enemies who wanted to get some pokemon from them.

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