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12 Anime Characters With Weird Jobs

There are no rules in anime. It can take place in any place around the world or even bring viewers to a fictional world they wished were real. It also introduced viewers to intriguing characters that are far from the people they have in the real world.

With this, there are instances wherein anime fans find themselves learning about weird careers that they would never think are possible. There are jobs that are simple yet not typical for the viewers while there are jobs that are too dangerous to the point that the viewers understand why those kinds of jobs are not applicable to real life. Curious about these weird jobs? Continue reading!

  1. Sekkou Boys’ Miki

    While handling a boy group seems to be normal, Miki’s job has an interesting twist in her career. Her boy group is comprised of living statues. This means that she has to carry them wherever they need to go, giving her lower back strains and injuries. She also helps them with their personal lives.

  2. Alice in the Country of Hearts’ Blood Dupre

    Blood Dupre is a mad hatter and a Mafia boss of the Hatter family. With these roles, he throws tea parties for Alice each time she visits the Hatter’s mansion. Pretty fun yet still an atypical job.

  3. Hunter X Hunter’s Menchi

    Hunter X Hunter takes anime fans to a world where there are hunters who are licensed to track individuals, secret treasures, and rare beasts. One type of hunter is a Gourmet Hunter which is the job of Menchi. Her role is to search for rare food and ingredients around the world. She has an extraordinary palate to help her discover and create amazing dishes.

  4. Rosario Vampire’s Ruby

    Ruby isn’t the type to have only one job. Instead, she would take any job she can (there isn’t really anything she can’t do). She took one odd job to another from being a teaching assistant to a uniform inspector.

  5. Hell Girl’s Ai

    From the title itself, Ai takes people to Hell. Her main job is to offer her clients a doll with a red string. Once her clients found the person they want to send to hell, they will just pull the red string, and Ai will be the one who will do the job. Clients must know that there is a price for their deed: they will be sent to hell once they die.

  6. Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager

    Attack on Titan is set in a world where giant Titans exist. To protect the civilization, there are military troops called Survey Corps who fight these giants. Eren’s dedication to eliminate all Titans convinced him to be part of this organization. Even if the job is life-threatening, there are still a lot of soldiers who managed to survive.

  7. Outlaw Star’s Gene

    After Gene and Jim acquired XGP15A-II, a spaceship that they called Outlaw Star, they started their journey to find the Galactic Leyline. It has been said that it holds knowledge, power, and treasure. During their journey, Gene found himself making sure that he has enough funds for the maintenance cost, requiring him to take odd jobs.

  8. Golden Boy’s Kintaro

    Kintaro is a freeter or a person who is unemployed. With this, he decided to take various jobs while planning to increase his knowledge. Some of the jobs he took are housekeeping, culinary arts, and teaching, among others. He also studies whenever he has a chance to achieve his goal.

  9. Aria: The Animations’ Akari

    Aria: The Animation’s location is similar to Venice, Italy. This encouraged Akari to ferry people using a gondola. It is exciting, maybe not as exciting as the other odd jobs, yet peaceful job that anyone would find interesting.

  10. Gintama’s Sakata Gintoki

    Gintoki founded the Yorozuya. It is a shop that takes any job for free. Some of the jobs they did were to appear as a mascot, dress as foxes, act like a girl, and even get rid of a giant beehive. Since Yorozuya is willing to take any job, Gintoki and the other characters often find themselves in weird situations.

  11. Pokemon’s Cilan

    In Pokemonverse, humans, and pokemons live together. There, Cilan is a Pokemon Connoisseur who devotes himself to find the compatibilities between teams and Pokemon trainers. Other than checking the compatibility through battles, they can turn to Cilan or any other Connoisseur to find out the compatibility rate.

  12. Sakura Quests’ Yoshino

    Yoshino was offered a part-time position to be “Queen of the Chupakabura Kingdom”. She took the role, even if it was later revealed that it was offered to her by mistake, and did everything she can to promote the local culture.

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