Another Magic: The Gathering Player Was Disqualified From Pro Tour Ixalan

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
November 05, 2017  09:12 AM

Image credit: Wizards of the Coast/ Art by Chase Stone

Pro Tour Ixalan at Albuquerque, New Mexico isn't over yet, but two Magic: The Gathering players have already been disqualified from the tournament. During Round 6 in Day 1 of the event (Friday), Wizards of the Coast announced that Huang Hao-Shan was disqualified for "intentional misrepresentation of the game state". You can read more details about that here. During Round 15 of Day 2, another Magic player was disqualified but the reason is different. 

Wizards of the Coast announced that Yao Zile was disqualified from the tournament during Round 15, in his match against Luis Scott-Vargas. The reason? "using an improper method to determine the outcome of the match." 

Here's the statement from Pro Tour Ixalan's head official: 


"Yao Zile and his opponent, Luis Scott-Vargas, reached the end of extra turns in a match that would, if played to the end of that turn, result in an unintentional draw. Both players revealed their hands and discussed a possible outcome of who would win based on the available information at the end of that game.

At that point, Yao mentioned that he needed a specific card to win, so he revealed the top cards of his deck to see if it would influence the decision of whether or not to concede.

In tournament policy, a player can only use information that he has access to already through naturally playing a game of Magic to discuss possible outcomes of a match.

Yao, in arguing his case of his possibility to win, revealed cards from the top of his deck to discuss the outcome of a match. Because of this, the ruling was made that he used an improper method to determine the outcome of the match. The penalty resulted in a disqualification of him from the tournament."

I've never heard anyone disqualified from any Magic event for that reason, and this definitely a much rarer case than the first diqualification from this tournament. 

You can watch the Top 8 players of Pro Tour Ixalan battle today via Twitch/Magic: 

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