Magic: The Gathering Player Disqualified in Round 6 of Pro Tour Ixalan

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Pro Tour Ixalan is happening this weekend at Albuquerque, New Mexico. The high-level Magic: The Gathering tournament features professional players from around the world competing against each other for the title of Pro Tour Ixalan champion and of course, a huge chunk of the $250,000 prize pool. However, there are still players who cheat to get an edge of the game, and one of them was just caught and disqualified from the event.

Wizards of the Coast reports that during Round 6 of the event, Taiwanese pro player Huang Hao-Shan was disqualified from the tournament for "intentional misreprsentation of the game state" that involves the amount of Energy counters he has and the +1+1 counters on his Longtusk Cub.

Pro Tour Ixalan's head official provided the following statement regarding the decision:

"When Huang was in a disadvantageous position on the battlefield, after activating the ability for Longtusk Cub, the indicator for the amount of energy the player had at resolution was not indicative of [the] cost that was supposed to be paid. Once this happened, it was brought to the attention of tournament officials.
This led to a thorough discussion with players to determine whether the action was intentional. As the error in regard to the energy spent benefited Huang, and because the detailed investigation could not clarify that this was simply a mistake, the decision was ruled that the action was a misrepresentation of the game state, and to preserve the integrity of the tournament, the player was disqualified."

Photo: Wizards of the Coast

It sounds like it was a desperate move to win. This shows the importance of making sure Energy amounts and the amount of counters on cards are accurate, and I'm glad the Magic judges are serious when it comes to preserving the tournament's integrity. It's a shame that some players would even do this at a Pro Tour, but that's the sad reality of competitive Magic.

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