David Ayer Proves There's No Beef Between Him and James Gunn with The Suicide Squad Praise

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March 26, 2021  04:31 PM

The first official trailer for James Gunn's The Suicide Squad just dropped today and I know there's no way any of you DC devotees missed it. Now, while I don't want to spark any debate within the fandom, you can't deny that Gunn's version of the film feels much different compared to David Ayer's divisive 2016 film which no longer seems to be considered canon to the DC Extended Universe.

The moment it was announced that Gunn will be taking the reins from Ayer to direct the "soft reboot" of The Suicide Squad, fans have begun speculating with a lot of them immediately jumping to the conclusion that there's animosity between the two directors. In fact, the general belief amongst some fans is that Ayer isn't too thrilled about his vision for the project not getting realized thanks to Warner Bros having him replaced.

Now, following the explosive premiere of the fun and gory trailer, David is taking to social media to express his awe and admiration for what the Guardians of the Galaxy has done with some of DC's lesser-known characters. Retweeting the teaser, Ayer didn't really say a word but his emojis were enough to translate who excited he is for the upcoming project.

Gunn would later respond to the Suicide Squad director with his own emoji game, sending Ayer nothing but love. Check out their friendly social media exchange here:

It's great to see that the two directors are rooting for each other despite the fact that some fans are pitting them in a non-existent rivalry. Now, while it's quite unfortunate that WB has shut down any plans of working on the David Ayer cut of Suicide Squad, it's time to move forward and look into the future of Task Force X. I'm sure Gunn will do the director proud.

James Gunn's The Suicide Squad hits cinemas and HBO Max this August.

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