Will There Be a Season 2 of Maid-Sama? When Will It Release?

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March 31, 2021  03:55 PM
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Fans of rom-com anime should definitely watch Maid Sama. It is about Misaki Ayuzawa, the president of Seika High. The school is known for its rowdy students and mostly male population. Despite this, Misaki did everything she can to make the school safe and girl-friendly. Misaki is known as the “Demon President” because of the way she handles the school.

Misaki’s mission is to protect girls in the school, especially from boys. So when she saw Takumi Usui reject a girl and caused her to cry, Misaki lectured Usui. The ultimate twist is that she has a secret: she works part-time maid at a Maid Latte, and only Usui discovered her secret.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Maid-Sama? When Will It Release?

Will There Be a Season 2 of Maid-Sama? When Will It Release 1

Unfortunately, the creator of Maid Sama did not have any announcement regarding season 2. The manga was done in 2013 with 18 total volumes. The first season was released from April to September 2010 with 26 episodes.

Fans believe that the second season has not gotten any approval yet so those who love Maid Sama would just have to wait for any announcements in the future. Since the manga is finished, manga readers already have an idea of what will happen.

A little spoiler: Misaki will confess to Takumi and they will become a couple. Eventually, they will be engaged. The final chapter is set ten years later and the couple got married. Both of them became successful. Misaki will become a diplomat while Usui will be a doctor.

Maid Sama’s Popularity

Will There Be a Season 2 of Maid-Sama? When Will It Release 2

Maid Sama is not only popular for its romance and interesting plotline but the series is entertaining. In fact, the series has a lot of meme-worthy scenes that got fans hooked. Fans are also happy with the characters as Usui and Misaki have complex personalities. Both have a side that will make fans relate to them.

Usui is also one of the factors this show got popular. His looks alone can make female anime fans check the series. Add his personality and females will surely swoon over him, even if he is just an anime character!

Hopefully, petitions of fans will be heard and Maid Sama will have a season 2 soon. Looking for other shows with the same vibe as Maid Sama? Check this out!

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