Is My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Canon?

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March 15, 2021  11:49 AM
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It has been an ongoing debate for My Hero Academia fans whether the movie Heroes Rising is canon or not. In fact, if one tries to research it online, there are various threads and forums regarding this debate. 

But before we answer the question of the movie being canon or not, the first thing that should be considered is this: what is a canon? 

For those unfamiliar, canon is the body of work that is accepted as definitely true within the fictional universe. It could also be something that the creator did for the same series. This means that only the creators of the said fiction have the right to consider a movie or a special episode to be canon or not. Now, does the creator of My Hero Academia confirm the movie as canon? Let’s find out. 

Is My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Canon?

Is My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Canon 1

In an interview, Kohei Horikoshi discussed his involvement in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. 

I couldn’t believe it when they first told me they were going to make a movie. The discussion of a movie actually started really early, I think I remember them talking about it soon after the anime was announced, but I didn’t think it’d actually get made. I didn’t trust that it would really happen even after they started asking me for specific character designs. This is rude of me to say about the people making the anime isn’t it… But even as I only half-believed it, I felt that getting your work made into a movie is only something that’ll only happen maybe once in your life as a creator so I wanted to make it something I wouldn’t regret, I wanted to be involved. I shared ideas like Young Age All Might and having All Might and Izuku fight together with the movie team so I would have no regrets, I thought there could be nothing better than what we came up with. I cried the first time I saw the full movie. It was even more amazing than I had imagined. And the action was amazing too.” 

With this, fans can determine that yes, Kohei has an involvement in the movie and yes, the movie is canon. 

Fans also have proof that the movie is canon since Shigaraki remembers Nine. It can be seen here: 

Is My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Canon 2

Although there are still those who believe that the movie is not canon based on some concerns regarding how Deku handled his quirk in the movie and the series, by the end of the day, fans enjoyed the movie, and if the definition of canon is followed, then My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is indeed canon. 

In another news, fans can look forward to the release of My Hero Academia Season 5 soon. 

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