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Zombieverse: What to Know About Netflix’s Upcoming K-Zombie Genre Reality TV Show

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Netflix will soon add a unique K-zombie genre flick on its platform with the arrival of Zombieverse.

The South Korean film and TV industries have released hit zombie-genre flicks in the past years, which led Netflix to invest in more zombie stories. So far, it has produced notable shows like Kingdom, and All of Us Are Dead.

Ahead of the arrival of more thrilling movies and series, the streaming giant brought other good news to its subscribers.

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Netflix Confirms Zombieverse’s Arrival

Netflix confirmed Monday its planned zombie-themed reality TV production in partnership with Kakao Entertainment.

According to The Korea Times, Zombieverse will follow the contestants as they try to survive amid a zombie attack in Seoul.

Noh Hong Chul, Park Na Rae, Din Din, Tsuki, and Lee Si Young will join the production as cast members. They need to complete tasks in the capital city while securing their own needs during the challenges created by the producers.

According to the creators, Zombieverse will bring a thrill to audiences as they witness the cast members struggle to survive during an apocalypse.

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“I collaborated with Netflix for the first time through 'Zombieverse,' and the filming has already been completed,” Director Park Jin Kyung said. “It is a TV project that started with a simple question, 'How would people react if zombies appear in the real world?' It will be interesting to watch what role the contestants play ― a hero, a villain or a bystander.”

The showrunner previously worked on Ant Be like Ddun Ddun and My Little Television. The writer/director teamed up with Late Night Stroll and Hey! First Time in Korea? creator Moon Sang Don.

The team also tapped the art team of All of Us Are Dead to complete the show. Kingdom choreographers trained the zombies on Zombieverse.

Gangnam Zombie Flops

Amid the success of the genre, the newly-released film Gangnam Zombie reportedly failed to score people’s interest with its story.

The Korea Herald said Director Lee Soo Seong’s desire to “contribute to elevating Korea’s reputation in K-zombie syndrome” failed after the movie flopped. The publication explained that the film was poorly plotted and that the action was sloppy.

Gangnam Zombie will be distributed in 134 countries, including Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, and the US.

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