Watch: New Zombieland 2 Trailer Tease Shaun Of The Dead Connection

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The first trailer for Zombieland: Double Tap certainly had people excited for the highly anticipated sequel that everyone has been waiting for almost a decade. While it looks like the second film is just as energetic and hilarious as the first one, Zombieland 2 might also be paying tribute to other zombie films, most specifically, Shaun of the Dead.

One of the best moments in the trailer is the reveal of Luke Wilson's character who appears to be a copy of Woody Harrelson's Tallahassee. It got even better when Thomas Middleditch was introduced as the other version of Jesse Eisenberg's Columbus. While it's funny to see these new characters, some believe they're a sign that Zombieland 2 is making a clear reference at a certain Edgar Wright film.

In Shaun of the Dead, Shaun leads his girlfriend Liz, her friends Dianne and David, his mother Barbara, and his friend Ed to the Winchester. But before they could get there, they encounter Shaun's friend Yvonne and her companions who are strange doppelgangers to Shaun's group. You can watch that scene below.

So are these new characters in Double Tap some sort of tribute to the ones that appeared in Shaun of The Dead? Director Ruben Fleischer somehow confirmed with Entertainment Weekly that they are copies but says he'll leave it to the audience to find out.


"We kind of called them ‘doppelgängers,'" Fleischer said. "Actually, I'm going to leave to the audience who goes to the movie. I don't want to spoil it too much. I'll just say it's perhaps one of my favorite parts of the whole film. You're gonna have to go see the movie to see what's going on."

Zombieland: Double Tap hits theaters on October 18.

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