Zombieland 2 Plot and Title Supposedly Leaked

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With the zombie movies ending up mostly predictable, 2009's Zombieland manages to dazzle audiences with its surprising humor and heart. The sequel has apparently been greenlit for a release next year, and thanks to Splash Report, we have an official title as well as plot breakdown for Zombieland 2.

Apparently, the sequel will officially be called Zombieland Too, and will see the return of main characters from the first film, Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock. This is main gist of the plot:

The main plot of ZOMBIELAND TOO follows the gang as they attempt to find Little Rock after she ran away with an individual (unnamed due to spoilers). Columbus, Tallahassee, and Wichita embark on a journey that takes them all the way across the country to hopefully save LR from certain death. You know how earlier I mentioned zombies were now extinct in Zombieland? I lied. You see, while the regular, lumbering creatures from the first film have no interest in humans anymore, rendering them essentially extinct, they have been replaced by SUPER ZOMBIES—giant, muscular, incredibly tough beings that are only able to be killed through a headshot. A horde of these super-zombies has been migrating from city to city, destroying everything in its wake. And it's up to the gang to finally put an end to this bloodshed, or face extinction themselves.

There's also a bunch of other details that have come out, like more additional members to the team and everyone essentially being bored because of the lack of zombies. For the full breakdown, you can read it right here.


Originally set to become a series, the first Zombieland managed to stand out for its great worldbuilding and fun characters. It's fun to see the contrast in survival techniques of each member of the gang, and Colombus' "Rules for Surviving Zombieland" are always fun snippets in the film.

Besides the original cast, Ruben Fleischer is also expected to come back to helm. For now, Fleischer is busy working on Sony's Venom spinoff. Let's hope it has the same dark humor that we've come to love from the first Zombieland.

Zombieland Too is set for a release October 2019.

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