Zom 100 Ending Explained: What Happened in the Finale?

Zom 100 Episode 10 Release Date and Time, Countdown

Zom 100 Episode 10 Release Date and Time, Countdown

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Zom 100 Season 1 finally ended after facing delays throughout its run. The anime may have concluded, but Akira and the gang’s journey has only just begun. Here’s the ending of Zom 100 explained in detail.

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Zom 100 Ending Explained

Zom 100 Ending Explained
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The episode begins with Kanta Higurashi narrating about his happy days during elementary school and his introverted days during middle school.

It didn’t stop there, as he recounts his high school days listening to Rakugo stories instead of talking to anyone.

In college, Kanta tried to change himself by going to an overseas internship. He was a student volunteer who also took a personal development seminar.

But to everyone else, Kanta was just an empty, visionless, self-conscious idiot.

That’s when Kanta stumbles across Akira Tendo, who is his complete opposite. He wanted Akira to fail like him, yet he cruised in life.

Here's a breakdown of the ending of Zom 100:

Akira’s Risky Plan to Save His Father

Zom 100 Ending Explained: Akira’s Risky Plan to Save His Father
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At present, Kanta is torturing Teruo Tendo in front of his son, who’s hiding inside the house. Akira wants to help his father, but the latter doesn’t want him to do anything that will endanger his family’s life.

Besides, Teruo doesn’t have long left since he got one of those bad growths on his body. With everything that’s happening, no doctor can treat his condition, as revealed by Akiko.

Akira starts crying, saying that he has yet to show his gratitude to his father.

Teruo, in return, told Akira to help humanity, do what he can for the world, not lie for others’ sake, and show empathy, for he can give back to his parents even if they’re gone.

However, Akira opens the door, and the zombies start coming inside. A scream was heard from outside of the house, and Akira appears to be looking like a zombie, much to Kanta’s delight.

Kanta celebrates his win against Akira, who was only pretending to have been bitten. Akira pulled Kanta to the ground, and he revealed his risky plan.

Akira successfully rescues his father, while Kanta is devastated. Like Akira, Kanta only wants to do anything he wants in life, but it is already too late for him.

He was bitten by a zombie, but he was able to say to Akira what he truly wanted in life: join his friends in the pool and have fun.

Kanta Higurashi Becomes a Zombie

Zom 100 Ending Explained: Kanta Higurashi Becomes a Zombie
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As it turns out, Akira invited Kanta to eat with them the first time they met each other. But Kanta ran away in embarrassment. If only Kanta had said what he wanted to do, things would have been different.

Akira hugs Kanta, saying that he will come with him to the pool once he becomes a real zombie.

Kanta starts running, leading the zombie horde away from Akira and his family. Before diving into the river, Kanta saw a vision of him joining a zombie-fied Akira in the pool.

Mr. Kumano Arrives to Help Akira and the Gang

Zom 100 Ending Explained: Mr. Kumano Arrives to Help Akira and the Gang
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On the other hand, Akira and the gang finally reunited, along with the rest of the villagers. Thanks to Beatrix, they were able to open up a path to escape, but not until they reached the broken suspension bridge.

Thankfully, Kumano appears and provides a newly made bridge. Everyone safely made it to the other side, including Akira and Kencho, who held the bridge as much as they could.

It all worked out in the end, with Teruo saying that he was proud of Akira for what he had done for the village.

Later, everyone worked hard to rebuild the village from scratch after Kumano moved in. They sealed the zombies in the tunnel, and they also started the rebuilding process in the village.

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It wouldn’t be long before the village returned to what it was like before.

Saying Goodbye to the Villagers

Zom 100 Ending Explained: Saying Goodbye to the Villagers
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While Shizuka and Kencho received thanks for what they'd done to the village, Akira was concerned about the condition of his father.

Akira even promised to take care of his mother and the village if something happened to his father.

Funny, Akiko revealed that Teruo only has hemorrhoids. He hated hospitals so much that he didn’t do anything about them, so now that the bleeding and the pain were awful, he couldn’t stand it.

It brought relief to Akira, who thought his father had gotten worse.

Before leaving the village, Akira and the others wrote down what they wanted to do on the bucket list.

They also said their goodbyes with the hope that the world will return to its normal state in the future. As the credits roll, Akira and the gang head north.

Overall, the ending of Zom 100 did not deviate from the events that happened in the manga.

If you want to follow Akira and the gang's journey to Hokkaido, you can read the Zom 100 manga from Chapter 23.

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