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Zoe Saldaña Says Avatar 2 Opens Up About Neytiri Struggling With Her Identity

From the moment Neytiri had first set her eyes upon Jake Sully in the first Avatar film, it may have been the woodsprites that told her to put the bow down, but it most certainly proved that the Na’vi’s mistrust towards humans may need rethinking. It seems, even though Jake and Neytiri are about to embark on a journey to raise their family together, actress Zoe Saldaña shares that Avatar: The Way of Water will open up about her character struggling with her identity.

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Speaking with ScreenRant, Sam Worthington (who plays Jake Sully) opens up on how the Avatar sequel will deepen how we see Neytiri, along with Saldaña chiming in on some of the internal struggles her character has gone through ever since meeting Jake. Check out their full comments below:

“Neytiri gets displaced because of the decisions that are made,” Worthington says, “And so, she goes on a more difficult journey.”

“And just dealing with that inner turmoil of an identity that was very well-defined by her ancestry, and it’s been rocked by the choices that she’s made.” Saldaña adds, “By choosing this man of another species, having a family with him, but also dealing just with the violation that’s happening on her planet. I think she hasn’t found any resolution about it, and that’s her journey.”

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As Jon Landau and James Cameron had previously teased, the Avatar sequel is set to focus more on building Jake and Neytiri’s family, as well as moving in to adjust to a new clan, a new environment. Sam Worthington claims that the sequel ‘blows the first movie away’ because of its familial themes. Even the cast members Kate Winslet and Bailey Bass shared how working on Avatar: The Way of Water has influenced them more by opening their eyes into ‘motherhood’.

Avatar: The Way of Water finally hits this coming December 16.

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