Zack Snyder Wants to Direct Dragon Ball Z Movie

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There is little doubt that Zack Snyder is a talented filmmaker who could take on almost any project. But would he work on an anime film? Interestingly, the Justice League director just admitted that he is eager to helm a Dragon Ball Z adaptation.

We already know that Snyder's Army of the Dead is getting an anime prequel titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. The new series, which will air on Netflix, is expected to reveal what happened in the early stages of the zombie outbreak. However, it's not the only anime project that Snyder is interested in.

Snyder recently spoke to Tyrone Magnus where he was asked if he might consider directing an anime movie like Dragon Ball Z. Amazingly, the 300 director didn't deny his interest as long as it could be done right.


"I would consider that. I mean, if it came right." Snyder said. He then added that it didn't necessarily have to be animated.

"Definitely, I would do an anime remake or live-action. That would be fun because I love animation, and I watch a ton of anime with my kid who's too young to watch it but we watch anyway," Snyder said with a laugh.

It's great to know that Snyder is open to the idea of working on an anime project. However, there haven't been any updates about this possibility. We'll have to wait for some news about this. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is being developed by Jay Oliva and will be produced by Meduzarts Animation. The anime has not yet been given an official release date but you can still watch Army of the Dead on Netflix.

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