Zack Snyder Doesn't Know About the Russian Family in Justice League

With Justice League plagued with extensive reshoots, fans have taken their time to carefully scrutinize what is and what isn't in Zack Snyder's original cut. As it turns out, the scene where the Flash saves a Russian family was not in the original plan, and Snyder has no idea why that scene is there.

A fan shared this exchange from Vero:

With Snyder's movies known for being more dark and serious, this scene with the Flash seems more likely an addition by Joss Whedon, who is more adept with humor. Now with Justice League out, Snyder has not been shy about sharing things he worked on in the DCEU.

With Man of Steel and Batman v Superman having their own fans (despite backlash from others), a lot of people were disappointed with how "Whedon-y" the final cut of Justice League ended. For now, fans are still asking WB for the "Snyder-cut" of the movie, and there are clashing reports on its existence/non-existence.

For now, the DCEU is taking a breather with their releases, and the only DC film set to come out this year is Aquaman in December. 2019, however, will see a huge comeback, with releases of Shazam!, Wonder Woman 2, and possibly Birds of Prey.

Justice League is available for home video.

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