Aquaman Movie: Check Out Arthur Curry's Upgraded Look

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Looks like it isn't only Shazam that's getting a costume reveal. Fans who attended the 2018 Licensing Expo saw Arthur Curry's new look in some Aquaman promotional material and they are quite happy. Seems like the future king of Atlantis will be upgrading to much better-looking armor with brighter colors.

This isn't the same armor from Justice League, which is a nice surprise honestly. While Justice League wasn't that bad, the dull color palette was still a problem and it is nice seeing other DC movies learn from the mistakes of their predecessors. Here is hoping that the Aquaman movie continues to do that, while also being a good film with its own identity.

While we haven't seen much of the film yet, there are a few details that we know. Both Ocean Master and Black Manta will be the antagonists, while Mera returns as Arthur's ally and love interest. It also seems like the movie will deal with how Arthur tackles his lineage and maybe even becomes the king of Atlantis.


Admittedly, this costume reveal isn't as dramatic as Shazam's since no one knew what his costume would look like in live-action, but the armor is still a neat reveal. Here is hoping that we see more of it in action soon.

Aquaman hits theaters on December 21.

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