30 Mar 2020 10:18 AM +00:00 UTC

Zack Snyder Believes The Dark Knight Returns Can Still Get a Live-Action Movie

While Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is hot garbage, it does have a lot of fans who defend it to this day. Whether it's because they genuinely liked it, thought the Extended Edition made it better, or just enjoyed seeing Zack Snyder work on DC characters, there sure are a lot of people who like this movie. However, even its most hardened defenders can agree that it was rushing some of the company's biggest storylines like The Dark Knight Returns and The Death of Superman.

Interestingly enough, during a Q & A Snyder started in Vero, Snyder feels that a live-action movie based on The Dark Knight Returns is more than possible, even with his work in Batman V Superman being a factor. This is definitely an interesting sentiment from Snyder since his work was clearly inspired by Frank Miller's classic comic book, even if he really liked having Batman kill dudes.

Honestly, it's hard to agree with Snyder here since his movie used so much imagery from the comic book classic. Granted, it wasn't a direct adaptation and it would be fun seeing an elder Batman take on a gang of mutant youngsters but we already have the excellent animated adaptations. We can see the movie being made one day, superhero movies are all the rage after all, but not anytime soon.


Fans can purchase both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the animated adaptations of The Dark Knight Returns on digital stores. Don't go out of your house to buy Blu-Rays, at least not now.

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