29 Mar 2020 6:22 PM +00:00 UTC

Zack Snyder Reveals Why Superman Killed Zod in Man of Steel

One of the most shocking moments in Man of Steel was undoubtedly the scene where Superman was forced to kill General Zod. Although it was necessary to save the life of a family, Zack Snyder has just revealed that there was another reason why Kal-El chose to end his fellow Kryptonian's life.

Snyder recently held a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice watch-along party on Vero where the filmmaker himself provided some live commentary (via Comicbook.com). Interestingly, when the scene where Bruce Wayne watches Superman fighting Zod overhead, Snyder pointed out that this was necessary.

"Even if we understand from this outer perspective that Superman is saving the world being essentially terraformed into another planet, the greater good is being served," he said. He then referenced his other film Watchmen and what Ozymandias did in the movie.

"It's like an Ozymandias-type scenario when, you know, a big sacrifice is made to save the world and I would say that not even intentionally in this case, Zod is a powerful dude. To suggest you could defeat him without him nearly winning is not realistic at all or the kind of consequence I wanted from my superhero movies," Snyder stated.


That sounds like Zod had to be killed simply to make a point. On the other hand, it's a point that was taken rather strongly by some fans who believe that Zod's death was unnecessary and out of Superman's character. Either way, it had a lasting impact on DC fans when it first happened in Man of Steel.

Do you agree that Zod's death was needed to show the real consequences in superhero films? Sound off in the comments below.

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