Zachary Quinto Wants Spock to Come Back for Star Trek 4

After the underperformance of Star Trek Beyond in the box office, the franchise has admittedly entered a state of limbo, and fans don't know when we're going to get the crew of the Enterprise back in theaters. With recent rumors of the franchise being cancelled, Spock actor Zachary Quinto has shared that he and the rest of the cast are definitely open to coming back.

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During an appearance on The Talk (via ScreenRant), Quinto was asked if he would be willing to come back for another movie, to which he replies:

"Absolutely, we talk about it all the time as the crew of the Enterprise… We're all incredibly close friends in real life. And I think all of us would welcome the opportunity to go back and keep telling those stories."

As for now, we still don't know what Paramount plans to do with the film franchise; but even so, Quinto says, we're all here if they want to beam us up."

The direction of the Trek franchise has apparently been muddled for a while, with word saying that the original plan was to have the crew time travel in Trek 4 and have Kirk run into his father George (played by Chris Hemsworth). Plans seem to have changed when word had it that Quentin Tarantino was going to be involved, and then Fargo creator Noah Hawley was said to be working on his own Trek film.

Personally, I love the Kelvin Timeline, and it was the 2009 film that actually got me into Trek. I thought that Beyond was actually a great addition, and I think with the right marketing, it would have done better in the box office.

For now, a fourth Trek film has not been officially announced.

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