Yumi's Cells 2 Trailer: Yoo Bobby Comforts Yumi After Her Tragic Breakup With Goo Woong

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Credit: TVING/YouTube Screenshot

Yumi’s Cells 2 knows how to hype its viewers ahead of the new season.

Viewers and fans of Yumi’s Cells were left heartbroken with the series’ outcome. Instead of a happy ending, Kim Yumi suffered in the end because of Goo Woong’s changing priority list and dishonesty.

Amid the heartbreaks, the female lead receives the best message from her cell, consoling her by telling her that Goo Woong is not the leading man in her life.

Ahead of Yumi’s Cells 2 release, the K-drama shared a new trailer seemingly revealing who Kim Yumi’s leading man is.

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Yumi Cell’s 2 Teaser: Will Yoo Bobby, Kim Yumi Be Together This Time?

Yumi’s Cells explores Kim Yumi’s life as her brain cells share what she is thinking about. Fans truly fell in love with the first season as it became the first K-drama to have live-action and animation at the same time.

In Yumi Cell’s 2, fans can expect a new love to grow after Kim Yumi suffered during the first season.

In a new trailer for Season 2, Kim Yumi struggles after breaking up with Ahn Bo Hyun’s Goo Woong. She wakes up in the middle of the night while still feeling regretful over the split.

Her cells try to prevent her from calling Goo Woong, but she still dials her ex’s number.

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“Even as you get older, the storm that comes after [a breakup] is still as fierce as ever. But the one thing that’s changed is this,” her cells said in the voiceover.

Amid the dark times in her life, she shows her jolly and bright side in front of her co-workers that Ruby ends up asking her how can she be nonchalant after the breakup.

Meanwhile, Yoo Babi, played by GOT7’s Jinyoung, suddenly appears in front of her and comforts her by telling Kim Yumi to find her strength.

Where To Watch Yumi Cell’s 2 Online With English Subtitles?

Yumi Cell’s 2 will be available to watch with English subtitles on Viki like its first installment. But the streaming site will reportedly offer it to a number of countries only.

K-drama fans can also access Yumi’s Cells 2 on iQIYI with English subtitles for free. For those who do not want to be bothered with the ads, the website offers a VIP subscription for only $6 monthly.

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