BLACKPINK Jennie Reveals She Suffered Mental, Physical Health Issues Amid Girl Group's Busy Schedule

Credit: ROLLING STONE/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ROLLING STONE/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK Jennie disclosed the dark side of being part of a famous girl group.

Recently, BLACKPINK made history by becoming the first all-girl K-pop group to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone. They also became the third girl group to grace the magazine’s cover.

The YG Entertainment girl group easily did so as one of the most sought-after K-pop acts as of press time.

But with the overwhelming popularity, Jennie opened up about the dark side that came with it which ultimately affected her mental and physical health.

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BLACKPINK Jennie Says Group’s Popularity Takes a Toll on Her Health

In her recent interview with Rolling Stone, the SOLO hitmaker took her time to talk about the negative things, as well, amid their skyrocketing career.

The magazine asked her whether BLACKPINK members still have the swag image when they are not in the spotlight.

According to Jennie, they are the same as the girls of their age who love to talk about their favorites with other people. Despite their popularity, she revealed that her health became one of her concerns in the past few days.

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She even made fans worry by saying that she was drained after they debuted as they seldomly received a proper break.

“I became sick, both mentally and physically, after the last world tour ended (in 2020). For three years after debuting, we worked nonstop without resting. We were young, in our early 20s. Our sleep systems were breaking down. We weren’t eating properly. And then started our tour. We were on tour for a year and a half.For a year and a half I didn’t have a home,” she explained.

Fortunately, they still got some time off whenever they went home after a tour.

BLACKPINK Jennie Confirms Group Comeback

During the same interview, the K-pop idol hyped fans with the news about their comeback and world tour.

With that said, she reportedly began preparing herself ahead of the expected hectic schedules in the next two years.

She did not add further details about the plans, but buzzes about BLACKPINK’s comeback have been up in the air for months already.

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