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Yumi's Cells 2 Episode 10 Recap: Kim Go Eun Successfully Makes Her Writing Debut + Ahn Bo Hyun Refuses To Believe In Fate

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Yumi's Cells 2 is the second season of the cell-based psychological romance drama based on a hit webtoon about an ordinary office worker named Yumi.

The series stars Kim Go Eun and GOT7 Jinyoung and is told from the perspective of the protagonist's brain cells that control her thoughts, feelings, and movements.

Here's a Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 10 recap and everything you need to know about the series.

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Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 10 Recap

Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 10 sees Yumi experiencing a huge change in her personality and lifestyle. Everyone in the cells village also transformed right after the Writer Cell became the primary cell.

After breaking up with Babi, Yumi’s writing improved greatly, and she began focusing on her manuscript even more.

Her Writer Cell also changed lots of things in the village. Specifically, all the other cells had to consult with her about sensitive things– anything that concerns Yumi’s past relationship with Babi.

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Kim Go Eun Experiences Unexpected Success With Her Debut Web Novel In Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 10

Wonderfully, Yumi’s debut novel, My Love Muse, is well received by readers. Lots of positive comments are coming in, and her physical book even got the best-seller title in several bookstores.

Working with her illustrator, Control Z turns out to be fun and easy-going. It seems that the two are finally getting along well, which positively affects Yumi’s work.

Yumi also can’t contain her happiness as she visits every bookstore in her spare time to check the people’s reactions to her book. She once went to a random bookstore and discovered that her book was sold out.

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Ahn Bo Hyun Refuses To Believe In Fate Until He Reunites With Kim Go Eun In Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 10

Goo Woong experienced a hard time after breaking up with Yumi. He had to put down his pride and work for a company to supply his daily needs. He became bankrupt, and his game-developing career was put on hold.

Thankfully, his beloved game was completed. 2 years later, he finally had his own company. Bow Wow Time is very well received, even receiving several awards in the game industry.

On the other hand, Goo Woong seems to have lingering feelings for Yumi. This was proved when fate brought them to reunite as he meets Control Z, not knowing that he is Yumi’s illustrator.

At that moment, Goo Woong admitted to himself that he still likes Yumi. And after finding out from Control Z that Yumi and Babi had already broken up a few months ago, Goo Woong felt hopeful that he might have another chance with her.

Meanwhile, Babi returns to Seoul, marking an interesting turnaround from his past relationship with Yumi. And now that Goo Woong had also recovered his communication with the newbie writer.

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Furthermore, Yumi’s Cells 2 is aired every Friday on tvN. International viewers can also stream the series through Viki and iQiyi, all with English subtitles hours after the original network’s release.

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