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Yu-Gi-Oh: Kaiba Corporation Online Store to Open on September 30

Yu-Gi-Oh is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month and it is still a consistent hit up to this day through its anime spinoffs, trading cards, and video games. Now, they found a way to make their silver anniversary celebration extra special.

According to a report from Konami (via, the Kaiba Corporation is coming to real life through the form of an online store to celebrate the 25th anniversary. It is set to open on September 30 to coincide with the actual anniversary date of Yu-Gi-Oh and it will be open for exactly a year.

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Fans will have a chance to shop and checkout items such as a Yu-Gi-Oh pin set, posters, boxer shorts, and a replica of Kaiba's briefcase with the entire original deck included. There will be new items in each quarter inspired by the story's first four acts which are Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, Pharaoh's Memories, and Ceremonial Battle.

Unfortunately, for now, the store will remain online and there are no plans to open a physical store at the moment due to the pandemic. But if it ever does open, fans will surely flock to see it. Although on the bright side, a lot of fans will have an opportunity to buy the items as all they need to do is to scroll and click on their device. It is unknown yet if anyone worldwide will be able to check out the items from the store.

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This is wonderful news for fans of Yu-Gi-Oh as they will get a chance to buy merch from their favorite anime and commemorate the 25th anniversary. The items that they are selling look like they are must-haves for fans. This would also give them an opportunity to at least experience shopping at the company featured in the anime (albeit in a virtual way) and celebrate the anime's successful 25-year run.

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