Young Sheldon Season 7: 3 Possible Storylines That Season 6 Finale Has Set Up

Credit: TV Promos/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TV Promos/YouTube Screenshot

Young Sheldon Season 6 has ended with a back-to-back two-episode finale, setting up the stage for the upcoming Season 7.

The show has made a major shift in its storytelling, focusing more on the whole family than just Sheldon (Iaian Armitage) himself. So, what fans are about to see in Young Sheldon Season 7?

The Nearing Show's End

Screen Rant made a list of the possible scenarios fans are about to see in the next season, as hinted by the sixth season finale.

And on top of it is Sheldon's move to California, hinting at the series' nearing end.

Sheldon managed to secure a summer program at the University of Heidelberg in Germany with the help of Dr. Sturgis (Wallace Shawn).

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Though it remains to be seen if Young Sheldon Season 7 will explore this side of the story, the Season 6 finale has set up Sheldon's post-college life in Pasadena, California, which may see the end of the series.

Georgie's Mysterious First Wife

It has been a mystery who Georgie's (Montana Jordan) first wife is since The Big Bang Theory.

In the spinoff's first season, Sheldon revealed that Georgie married his first wife when he was 19.

This claim was even backed up in TBBT when Sheldon said his brother's first wife called to congratulate him when he won the Nobel Prize.

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Though there may be several candidates as to who Georgie's first wife is, his engagement with Mandy seems to hint she's the one.

George's Death

According to Screen Rant, CBS has ignored Sheldon's story about catching George cheating in The Big Bang Theory.

This scene is supposed to be featured during the spring break of Young Sheldon Season 6, but nothing was made.

As the prequel fails with the story of the franchise's continuity, it may not properly feature the nearing death of George (Lance Barber).

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Based on how the series goes, it may not delve into this tragic loss or happen off the screen in Young Sheldon Season 7.

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