Young Sheldon Season 6 Winter Premiere: Sheldon Considers Dropping Out of College + Other Major Details

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Credit: CBS Miami/YouTube Screenshot

Sheldon (Iain Armitage) is considering dropping out of college in the Young Sheldon Season 6 winter premiere. Despite the success of his database project, things become more complicated for the young genius.

The previous fall final had set up Sheldon’s personal arc. It all started with his idea to aggregate information for all grants being offered, making it easier for applicants and institutions to connect. However, due to others’ greed, his desire to help is being taken advantage of in the Young Sheldon Season 6 premiere.


Sheldon’s Problem Gets Worse

Some people from East Texas Tech wanted to cash in on Sheldon’s project. Though he has already decided to do it on his own to avoid this kind of people, it looks like his problem is far from over.

CBS released the premiere episode’s official synopsis via Futon Critic and its title, College Dropouts and the Medford Miracle. Judging by the title itself, Sheldon may have already decided to drop out of college.

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“Sheldon considers dropping out of college to focus on building his database,” the synopsis reads. “Also, George Sr. is frustrated when someone else gets credit for his football wins.”

Other Young Sheldon Season 6 Winter Premiere

Fans will also see how frustrated George (Lance Barber) will become due to his football team’s situation at Medford High School in the Young Sheldon Season 6 winter premiere.

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This may even affect his relationship with Mary (Zoe Perry) at home. Sure, the Cooper family’s patriarch is happy to have his old job back, but it looks like it will have a major impact on the dynamic he has developed with his wife that has made the two’s relationship better so far.


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The show has featured several efforts made to repair their marriage in the current season, though The Big Bang Theory had revealed it wasn’t meant to last.

Due to George's impending cheating scandals, the couple’s relationship will be on the rocks.

Elsewhere, Mandy (Emily Osment) will soon give birth, so her future with Georgie (Montana Jordan) will become clearer as they’re about to make a big decision about their relationship after the baby is born.

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The Young Sheldon Season 6 winter premiere will be out on Thursday, January 5.

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