Young Bruce Banner Will Allegedly be in the She-Hulk Series

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While it's great that Tatiana Maslany has been cast as She-Hulk in the Disney+ series, everyone is still curious on whether Mark Ruffalo will be making an appearance on the show as Bruce Banner/Hulk. While Ruffalo's involvement is still unsure, we do have news of one version of Banner that will be appearing.

According to The Direct, She-Hulk is currently casting for a young version of Bruce Banner. How young? They want an actor around "the age of 10-years-old for the role."


We don't know what this means for the show overall, but it's likely this will establish a relationship between a young Jennifer Walters and Bruce. With Bruce basically on his own when he's introduced in the MCU, it would be interesting to see any kind of family that he has left.

In the comics, Jennifer Walters gains the powers of the Hulk after a blood transfusion with her cousin Bruce. While it's likely Marvel will shake-up the origin for the series, I can see this plot point be used for the actual show. Maybe Jennifer is aware of the risks that come with getting blood from Bruce, but maybe this is one of those no-win scenarios where she either dies or gains the powers of the Hulk.

For now, all we can really do is speculate. While Hulk is not closer to dying, it's possible that we could see him resigning from the MCU soon; enter She-Hulk. While the characters are different, I'm hoping that Jennifer manages to set herself apart. If Bruce is a great scientist, hopefully Jennifer is a brilliant lawyer.


No release date has been set for She-Hulk, but WandaVision is expected to debut on Disney+ before the year ends.

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