Where Did They Film You Season 4 Part 1?

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg/Professor Jonathan Moore in You Season 4 Part 1
Credit: Netflix

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg/Professor Jonathan Moore in You Season 4 Part 1
Credit: Netflix

Netflix released part 1 of You Season 4 earlier this month and if you're done binge-watching all five episodes, you may be gearing up for the release of the second part of the series. While we've got a lot of questions on the next set of episodes, we'll have to wait until the show drops on March 9, 2023.

In the meantime, though, let's go on a European tour of the filming locations of You Season 4 Part 1. Or in Joe Goldberg/Jonathan Moore's (played by Penn Badgley) words, his "European holiday."

Here's where they shot the scenes in You Season 4 Part 1:

Paris: Medici Fountain, Jardin de Luxembourg

When You was confirmed to return for a fourth season, we expected Joe to be looking for Marienne (played by Tati Gabrielle) in Paris. But when it was revealed that the setting of the season would be in London, we kind of expected that he would have killed his lover. Thankfully, You Season 4 proved us wrong; but it did break up the two lovers apart.

As Joe looked for Marienne, however, he scoured every art show in Paris hoping he could bump into her. One of the Parisian gardens he found himself in is the Medici Fountain in Jardin de Luxembourg.

Fun fact: This fountain is 500 years old!

London: St. Pancras Station

When Joe finally tracks down Marienne, he discovers that she is in London, attending an art fair. And after their confrontation, he decides to let Marienne go, along with all hope of being with her. Marienne boards a train back to Paris at the St. Pancras Station.

Fun fact: This is also the famous train station in the Harry Potter movies. You can find Platform 9¾ in this train station!

London: Royal Holloway, University of London

Joe gains a new identity as Professor Jonathan Moore in You Season 4. Thanks to a Ph.D., he lands a job as a professor at the Darcy College. Although Darcy College is fictional, the campus scenes where shot at the Royal Holloway, University of London.

London: Lincoln's Inn

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg/Professor Jonathan Moore in You Season 4
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Credit: Netflix

Another location that was used in You Season 4 as part of Darcy College is Lincoln's Inn, for its library. The location, in real life, actually houses law books instead of literary pieces. While you don't necessarily need to be a law student, you can still attend one of their tours.

Fun fact: This library is 600 years old.

London: Kensington

Joe references to his neighborhood as "a Hugh Grant movie," which is exactly what Kensington is. Although the area is free to walk around in, renting an apartment in this neighborhood is not exactly for peasants like you and me, or in Jonathan Moore's case, "a teacher's salary." This is because the neighborhood is actually nicknamed as "the royal neighborhood," thanks to its ultra-rich residents.

London: Four Seasons London, Ten Trinity Square

You Season 4
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Credit: Netflix

In You Season 4, we meet Lady Phoebe (played by Tilly Keeper) who takes residence at the real Four Seasons London at Ten Trinity Square. This is also the place where she hosts her parties in the series.

Fun fact: The White Lotus also filmed in the Four Seasons hotels.

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London: Old Billingsgate

Charlotte Ritchie as Kate in You Season 4
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Credit: Netflix

Although the Old Billingsgate used to be the world's largest fish market, it was able to reinvent itself in the 1980s into a venue for high-end events, fashion shows, and weddings. You Season 4 managed to shoot in this location as the gallery where Simon Soo's (played by Aiden Cheng) art show is displayed.

London: Knebworth House

Another stunning scene in You Season 4 Part 1 is the Knebworth House estate that we saw towards the end of part one. It is called the Hampsbridge House (or "Hampsie" as they call it), which is Lady Phoebe's fictional family estate.

In real life, though, the estate is open to the public for a fee during the summer months.

Which of these locations did you recognize upon first glance? We can't wait for You Season 4 to return. In the meantime, check out the official trailer for Part 2:

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