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Yellowstone Season 5 Update: Fan Favorite Character Cast in New Chapter

Credit: Yellowstone/YouTube

Yellowstone Season 5 was officially announced by Paramount Network in early February. Shortly after, word arrived that the prequel 1883 would be getting more episodes. In addition, a new series, 1932, will focus on a different generation of Duttons. Not to mention the previously planned spin-off 6666, which has yet to make any significant announcements.

Jimmy Hurdstrom Back in Yellowstone Season 5

When Yellowstone Season 5 was announced, Deadline reported that all of the Season 4 cast members, including Jefferson White's Jimmy Hurdstrom and actress Kathryn Kelly, would be returning for new episodes.

That's right, Kathryn, who plays Emily, Jimmy's fiancée, has joined the main cast of Yellowstone Season 5.

Fans will recall hearing about the West Texas Four Sixes Ranch, often known as 6666, during Yellowstone Season 4. Jimmy is taken to the Sixes to become a genuine cowboy after breaking his promise to John (Kevin Costner) not to rodeo again. He meets Emily there, and the two immediately fall in love.

Jimmy returns to Yellowstone at the end of Season 4 and introduces Emily to the gang. During this voyage, he gets John's permission to return to the Sixes and begin a new life with Emily. Jimmy and Emily bid their goodbyes to everyone and left just before Yellowstone Season 4 ended. But, as it turns out, more of these two will appear in Yellowstone Season 5.

Will Jimmy Appear in the 6666 Spinoff?

6666 was said to be about Jimmy taking on West Texas alongside Walker (Ryan Bingham), but that doesn't appear to be the case - at least not yet. The Sixes isn't "a place where the most dangerous thing one does is the next thing," according to Good Housekeeping.

Walker also revealed that despite his desire to join Jimmy in the southern state, he was unable to do so due to his parole. The former prisoner said he had to stay in Montana every few weeks to conduct his check-ins after fatally hitting a man at a pub.

It appears that Jimmy and Emily will play significant roles in Yellowstone Season 5, whether at the Paradise Valley ranch or at the Sixes. But viewers can expect to see more of their romance unfold.

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