Yellowjackets Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers & Update: Some Secrets Could Be Spilled Leading Up To The Emmys

Credit: SHOWTIME/YouTube

Credit: SHOWTIME/YouTube

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Whether we're prepared for more of the Antler Queen or not, Yellowjackets Season 2 has begun.

Yellowjackets followed a dual storyline about a New Jersey high school soccer team that crashes into a mysterious forest on its way to a national championship game. The story goes back and forth to the current day when a select number of survivors deal with the revelation of their 25-year-old secret.

Yellowjackets Season 2 Release Date

In terms of Yellowjackets Season 2, a new queen bee hierarchy is in motion, along with unexpected cast additions and an overwhelming amount of fan conspiracy theories.

The early 2023 premiere date, according to co-showrunner Ashley Lyle, is chosen to avoid rushing any storyline elements.

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"It's a deeply serialized story, and we wanted to make sure we didn't rush it, and that we got it right," Lyle shared. "And so this was the earliest we could accomplish that."

Yellowjackets Season 2 Hints Expected on Emmys

Several cast members are expected to appear and answer questions during the Primetime Emmy Awards. Many people had no idea what was going to happen next during the season's promotional campaign. That won't be the case any longer. You might possibly get a few hints about the precise release date!

However, don't expect anything too specific in terms of when the show will return. Showtime will most likely take their time revealing some of this, as they should. There's no incentive for them to rush anything, especially as the earliest we expect it back is in late February.

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The Pressure is On

The writers of Yellowjackets Season 2 are under pressure following the enormous success of Season 1 of the show.

"I'm trying to give them enough space because I can't imagine the pressure of your first season being received like that," lead star Melanie Lynskey told People. "And then every actor wants to know, 'What's happening to me? What's happening to me?' So I'm just like, 'When you're ready, I'll read everything.'"

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Yellowjackets have received seven Emmy nominations for 2022, including Outstanding Drama Series, Directing, and two nods for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series.

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